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Andreas Steyer

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas is the CEO of Consus and has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. He previously built-up one of the leading listed commercial real estate companies in Germany and was active as a managing director for several large real estate companies:

  • CEO of the listed company DEMIRE and build up the existing portfolio to more than € 1 billion as well as increased the market cap. from €5m to over €250m
  • Previously, Andreas Steyer was Managing Director of Deka Immobilien and Partner at Ernst & Young Real Estate and Arthur Andersen
  • Andreas started his career at KPMG in Germany
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Benjamin Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin has 25 years of corporate finance experience including 14 years in investment banking at UBS in London, and also worked for Consus’ major shareholder Aggregate Holding. Benjamin has 5 years of experience as a CFO of a listed company:

  • Benjamin worked for the UBS Investment Bank division in London and New York City for 14 years
  • In 2008, he was appointed Head of Business Development by a listed mining company and later became the CFO
  • Prior to his appointment as CFO of Consus, he worked as an Investment Director at Aggregate Holdings

Theo Gorens

Chief Risk Officer and Deputy-CFO

Theo Gorens started his career at KPMG in Amsterdam and later in Frankfurt. He then joined the Fortis ABN AMRO Group as CFO and later became a member of the extended executive board of Bethmann Bank AG. Theo Gorens was previously on the Executive Board of SSN Group AG, which was later renamed Consus Swiss Finance AG, and played a key role in the founding of the company.

Extended Management Board

The aim of Consus’ extended management board is the operational management of the group, the implementation of strategic decisions and the development of the overall business, including acquisitions, financing, construction and sales.


Christoph Gröner

Extended Management Board Member

Christoph Gröner is the founder and CEO of CG Gruppe AG. Christoph began his career more than 20 years ago in Leipzig with the renovation of historic buildings. In 2010, he moved the company to Berlin to increase its overall presence in the German market. Today, CG Gruppe AG, is Germany’s leading project developer with its own construction expertise.


Jürgen Kutz

Extended Management Board Member

Deputy CEO and COO since 2011, responsible for project development, sales (including forward sales) and financing of the projects of the CG Group. He previously served as Senior Asset Manager for Lone Star Funds and as Managing Director of Alpine Financial Group.

Supervisory board

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Axel Harloff

Supervisory board member since 2018

Herrmann Wagner_109_q

Prof. Dr. Hermann Wagner

Supervisory board member since 2018

Dr. Friedrich Oelrich_130_q

Dr. Friedrich Oelrich

Supervisory board member since 2018