Building Intelligence

Building Information Modeling + 360°- value added =  Building Intelligence

BIM – the next evolution in real estate development: Acting along the entire development value chain of a property. That’s Building Intelligence by Consus RE GmbH. The traditional way of building is being revolutionized by digitally linking and synchronizing all resources, costs, service providers and processes. The result: The future of living can be simulated 1:1. Efficiency is brought to a new level, costs are reduced. The working and living world of tomorrow can be thought through, planned and built even more precisely.

The clear goal of the Consus Group is to create affordable housing through digital construction. We are the first property developer in Germany to implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) and digitize the entire property value chain from planning to realization to facility management. The planned combination with serial component manufacturing will enable us to produce housing faster and at 30% lower costs.


Architects, structural engineers and TGA planners no longer draw their designs, but model them object-based on the computer. The result is a virtual building model that contains all the building parameters and component information. Regular collision checks make planning conflicts visible at an early stage and enable quick solutions.

Precise calculation

The BIM software iTWO interlinks the technical side of the project with the commercial one. It can be used to calculate all relevant planning and execution quantities from the consolidated model, and to link quantity calculations to service specifications and calculations using rules.

Construction processes

Since the products of all suppliers are stored in a purchasing and supply platform and networked with the planning software, costs and resources can be planned more efficiently and products and services from suppliers and craftsmen can be ordered directly. By simulating the construction processes in advance, it is always clear what is needed on the construction site for materials, construction machinery and personnel.


Compliance with the calculated costs is the alpha and omega of project development. iTWO maps the daily work processes on the construction site, data on the construction progress are transferred directly to the accounting department. All cost and billing information is always up-to-date.


The Facility Management for the preservation and management of real estate benefits from BIM through an exact operating cost forecast even before completion: All operating and energy costs are recorded transparently, maintenance intervals firmly stored in the system. Currently, the leasing process of the Consus Group is being completely converted to digital processing.

Serial production from 2020

The most modern precast plant in Europe is currently being built in Erfurt. From the beginning of 2020, massive precast elements for housing construction will be produced serially based on digital planning models. Almost everything can be prefabricated – from the tiles over the parquet to the wall with built-in window. In future, the Consus Group will be in a position to build affordable housing without government regulation and cross-subsidization.